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Our Commitment to Ethical Use of Real People's Likeness and Responsible Bounty Practices

Our Commitment to Ethical Use of Real People's Likeness and Responsible Bounty Practices

Here at Civitai we are dedicated to upholding fair ethical practices and privacy. We want to clarify our stance and policies regarding the use of real people's likenesses and the use of our bounty system.

  • Policy on Real People's Likeness: We have a very stringent policy regarding the use of real people’s likenesses that prohibits the portrayal of real individuals in a mature or suggestive context. Additionally, we allow anyone to request the removal of resources intended to reproduce their likeness. This can be done through a dedicated form on our website or by reaching out to us at [email protected]. We address these requests to ensure the respect and privacy of individuals.

  • Use of Likeness in Our Generator: Our generator has been designed to not allow the use of resources that have been fine-tuned to reproduce the likeness of real people. The ability to generate some real people is however baked-in to the foundational Stable Diffusion models.

  • Bounty Submission Access: The Bounty system has been a requested feature by the community since our inception. Users request their favorite animated characters, art styles, or settings. Often bounties are not used to ask for a resource at all, but instead to get images from skilled prompt writers within the community. In fact, bounties requesting the resource creation of a real individual account for less than 10% of all entries.
    The outcomes of bounties are only available when a bounty is awarded and only to the person who initiated the bounty. They are not made publicly available by default. If a bounty is published publicly on Civitai, it is also subject to our Content Policies just like any other resource on the site.

  • Dedication to Community Management: Half of our team is focused on community management and moderation. This commitment ensures our platform remains a respectful and safe environment, where our Terms of Service are upheld.

  • Rewards for Reporting Violations: We actively encourage and reward community members for reporting content that violates our terms of service. This practice is key to maintaining the integrity and safety of our platform.

Civitai is an evolving platform that grows as the underlying technology and user base does. We treat ourselves as a guiding force, looking to find the best path between spurring on this technology and acting as an example of ethical uses for it. While the power and possibilities of this technology are limitless, we can demonstrate and enforce its responsible use on our own platform.