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ENDED - Civitai 404 Contest!

ENDED - Civitai 404 Contest!

This Contest has now ended!

Introducing the Civitai 404 contest!

Get your image as a placeholder for any 404 pages people may encounter on the site. We’ll take the top 1000 most reacted images submitted to the 404 Contest Collection (assuming they adhere to the rules) and when someone encounters a 404 they’ll instead be greeted with one of your fancy 404 reimaginings!


You’ve found an old Civitai URL and are eager to check out the contents, salivating in anticipation you click the url with barely trembling fingers only to be greeted with: 

Immediate tears. Unspeakable disappointment. We’ve all been there, faced with the the barren 404 page, but it doesn’t have to be this way:

What we're looking for:

Entries should capture the essence of the dreaded 404 error. This means everything from a direct stylization of the term “404” to an artistic interpretation of the emptiness of the human soul are fair game. Comedy isn’t a requirement, but it’s encouraged!

What we’re NOT looking for:

Random waifu’s, unrelated content, or images that don’t immediately make you think “oh that makes sense for a 404 page. Sucks this page is a dead end but this is a cool picture and I feel understood and valued”

How to enter:

Simple; post you images to the 404 image collection.

1) Follow the 404 Image Contest Collection by clicking the blue + Follow button, on the Contest collection page;

2) You'll then be able to click the blue plus ( + ) sign, to upload your submissions to the Contest collection.

What do I win?

  • The immortalization of your image (because come on, we’re always gonna have some 404 pages)

  • A pretty neat badge for participating: 

  • Love and validation from strangers on the internet! (arguably the greatest prize of all)


  1. All submitted images must be created after the start of the contest date (Nov 17th) and submitted befor the end date of Nov 24th. Any version of Stable Diffusion images are accepted.

  2. Participants are welcome to submit up to five images that they feel represent a 404 page.. 

  3. All images must be SFW and adhere to our Terms of Service

  4. All images must be created with AI Art and may utilize any resource of Stable Diffusion, we want to see what AI can do! 

  5. The top 1000 images with the most reactions will have their images incorporated on Civitai’s 404 pages. 

  6. Unfair voting manipulation, such as vote purchasing, usage of bot accounts, or other dishonest practices, is strictly prohibited. Participants found engaging in such activities will face immediate disqualification and a permanent ban from the website.

  7. The contest begins on Nov 17th 2023 and ends on Nov 24th 2023 at 23:59 CST.