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1. About This Article

Great news! I've uploaded loads of LoRA models, and now I'm putting them all in one place for you. Even better? I'm going to keep updating this article every time I add something new, so you're always in the loop.

Early Access, Just for You:

  • Picture this: as a Patreon member, you get to see and use the newest LoRA models before anyone else.

  • Seamlessly download the latest LoRA models from a central hub, Well organize for stable diffusion View Sample1, View Sample2

  • Join us on Patreon, and you'll get extra stuff like styles.csv (My Prompts), Controlnet Poses, and a gallery with both SFW and NSFW images.

Our Mission:

Ready for the best part? OwnWaifu is on a mission to specialize in training waifus and husbandos from diverse realms, including anime, games, cartoons, and various art styles and concepts. If you become a Patreon member, you won't have to wait for anything. You'll have early access to all the cool new LoRA models and find them all in one place. Let's make this waifu and husbando journey awesome together!

2. Published LoRAs

Below are all the type of LoRAs released till date,









LoCon Artstyle

LoRA Artstyle

3. Upcoming LoRAs

It is impossible to list down every Upcoming LoRAs, So I have created a Collection Page on Patreon for you to see preview images of Upcoming LoRAs. Click on the Upcoming LoRAs to access it.

4. Choose LoRA Types