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Survey for running Stable Diffusion for free on cloud services



I wish to make this survey, so I can hear your opinions.

Would you pay 2-10$ per month (like on Patreon) to get access to the best private notebooks which can be used on different free GPU cloud services? This also includes a tutorial on how to use them (through Discord, Zoom, TeamViewer or any other choice of yours).

This survey is especially designed for people who do not have a good GPU and/or AMD GPUs.

The community will have a maximum of 50 members, because I don't wish my methods/notebooks to get saturated and/or blacklisted.

I would provide the best possible notebooks which will include many features like working AnimateDiff (A1111, ComfyUI), Reactor, Deforum and so on. I have even prepared notebooks for Kohya SS, so you can train your 1.5 or XL 1.0 LoRA now (yea, you heard right, even SDXL 1.0 LoRAs with some optimized settings). I will provide even 1 on 1 support if you wish custom models, LoRAs etc..

I really wish to hear your opinions and this will really help me to see in which direction I should go. And you have to pay 2-10$/month, because I don't wish to get my notebooks leaked and only I know how many hours I spent on making everything almost perfect and how much I researched, how much I stayed to fix errors etc..

Thank you for understanding and let me to know your opinion! I have to recognize that this all AI art generation thing is one of my biggest passions and I would be really happy to help the others on their way.