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Ai Voice model release version 1 6


This new RVC voice I created was trained on 23 minutes of me talking. The file below, contains both a pth and index files. So, it will work with rvc gui pkg tool. As long as you put the folder in the model folder.

The voice is intended for English but, works fine enough for chinese. Japanese will be one of the weaker voice to voice due, to my accent. As you can hear below:

RVC demo-

Stream Fly Me To The Moon Plus New Rvc Dionn Download by Dionn Koitsu | Listen online for free on SoundCloud RMVP demo-

Zannon Koitsu - - Android Rvc Release Two walking breaths demo by Dionn Koitsu (

I strongly recommend using the Harvest voice to voice methoid to keep the realistic vocal style. Currently, I allow anyone to use the ai voice voice for tts, acting as a free voice actor, and research use. The voice was trained based on a tenor soprano voice. So, the voice should be very flexible.

This ai voice aims to offer a copyright free voice that anyone can use without having to worry about, copyright strikes or any legal issue. Just so I know all links are provided. Rvc gui pkg can be downloaded here:

GitHub - Tiger14n/RVC-GUI: Just a fork of RVC for easy audio file voice conversion locally

To use the tool run the RVC-GUI windoes bat file. Let the cmd thing do it's thing so the gui tool loads. Select the voice file, select the voice model, select harvest voice option. Than press convert. The new ai voice will be generated wherever the audio sample is at,

Now to get clean off vocals and vocal files. I recommend this tool called SteemRoller:

StemRoller - Make stems, instrumental, or acapella version of any song!

To use this tool select a audio sample. Proccess it. When, it's done. The audio will be in your c:/ music/ SteemRoller/ audio name folder. This is mainly how I do voice to voice on my computer. Other, than that. I'll be going back to ai art training and doing dog bakery stuff. So, I can hopefully get a better laptop that's not 10 years old now T.T