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250 Models posted! Time to Review

Nov 23, 2023
250 Models posted! Time to Review

I just uploaded my 250th model! (Technically I have 6 checkpoints that are obviously not Loras. When I say loras below I am including these in my numbers)

Lets look at some stats!

My first Lora was posted on 2023-07-02 --> its been 143 days since I started making Loras.

On average I posted 1.75 Loras per day.

As a side note: Posting this often is kind of hard but its nothing compared to some people: I have ever increasing respect for people like H_Madoka and JustTNP.

Overall Stats

As of today I have,

1.1k followers ----> 4.4 followers per Lora

23k likes ----------> 92 likes per Lora

120k downloads -> 480 downloads per Lora

562 ratings -------> 2.25 ratings per Lora

My most liked/downloaded Lora is with 621 likes and 2.7k downloads.

Thanks to this Lora and a few others I've been top 10 on the Architecture leaderboard for 68 days (non-consecutive)

Style Stats

I somehow managed to claw my way up to 2nd place on the Style Creators leaderboard (I'm sure 3rd and 4th place are about to kick me out of gold tier because frankly their Style models are more interesting than mine but it was fun while it lasted lol.)

In the last 30 days I've made/gained,

31 style Loras ----> 1.03 Loras made per day

3k likes -----------> 100 likes per day

13k downloads --> 433 downloads per day

78 ratings --------> 2.6 ratings per day

Closing Comments

Did you know that my profile picture is a neon green lemon?