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Billions of Wildcards - What's next? Ideas?

Billions of Wildcards - What's next? Ideas?

Billions of Wildcards

Next up:

Wildcards you can look forward to.

  • Starships (finished)

  • Magical Academy (WIP)

What's next?

Wildcards are a never ending story, there are always new ideas to be found. I know there a things like prompt magic, but they never gave so creative and unexpected results as my wildcards.

So I'll continue to improve them, as I stumble across new inspirations.

  • more magical creatures

  • distinction of fantasy/sci-fi/modern buildings

  • distinction of fantasy/sci-fi/modern clothings

  • more historical clothings

    • edo period

    • edwardian

    • georgian

    • medieval

    • napolenic

    • qing dynasty

    • regency

    • renaissance

    • rococo

    • tudor

    • victorian


Right now Billions of Wildcards features almost 28000 lines of ideas, words and prompts.

Most important features

  • Characters, regular, cyberpunk, scifi and magical

  • sceneries

  • buildings and rooms

  • machines

  • vehicles

  • plants and shrooms

  • styles

Ideas or templates


If you are using my wildcards and love them as much as I do, you might want to share a template that I could add to the list. Just leave it in the comments I'll add them in the next version.


If you have I ideas what else could be included into the set, just let me know. I'll might add them in the next version.

A thing I won't do

I won't add things that are meant to be nsfw. (I have a small section, but that's for lingery and swimsuit kind of things)


Crossreferencing for wildcards is not possible. So please consider uploading images which were generated with wildcards as post or reviews of the wildcard model. (not just for BoWildcards) ;)