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How to Create Lora's in 2024 and why you should

How to Create Lora's in 2024 and why you should


LORA's, face swaps, styles and what we've been doing for months compared to 5 seconds,

So there's been a lot of advancement in automatic1111 with extensions basically rendering LORA's useless, which is what this site thrives on. A lot of what I've been doing and I'm sure a lot of other people use case is faces and styles. Control Net's IP-Adapter basically renders any GPU limitations null. which makes it accessible to a lot to a lot of people all over the world.

Also why it's something to take in consideration.

In terms of using it to create LORAS, it's SO simple. Use the automatic1111 extensions ReActor, turn off everything but the extension itself. Turn on control net, set it to IP-Adapter. In my case I have to activate "low vram" and I set a batch to 10-20. If I'm feeling lucky, I'll prompt right and turn Control Net to poses. But at this point, the two together basically makes it so you can recreate any scene. As you see fit, lowering and raising the CFG.

It's insane. And I guess I had to say something lol.

Use my process, I mention it to spread it. I'll keep trying to make half assed ass LORA models lol