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Prompt Notebook


Hi there. Here are some notes about how I structure my prompts. This guide is the result of personal experiences, so nothing is considered as ground truth, it's just what is working well for me!

I've been largely inspired by TianChimp's one written in Hardcore - Hentai checkpoint. Check my favorite models, they usually work pretty well with my way of prompting. If you want to have a look on my environment, have a look at my ComfyUI Workflow article.

I will update this article from time to time. Don't hesitate to take it, tweak, and share your thoughts!


I try to follow the philosophic guidelines when I do my prompts. I recommand to read Danbooru's Howto, which are good base lines.

  • Tag what you see, not what you know. Don't use tags of stuff that is not visible in the final image).

  • Minimal Tagging Criteria. Too much tags cause noise and lead to less precise results. Keep things to the strict minimum, put down only what you absolutely want to see. For example, why put an "nsfw" tag if your scene is already explicit ?


I principally structure my prompts into 5 categories, with sub-categories inside. I try to separate those concepts with break lines, it helps me to quickly make adjustment. I recommend having a look at Danbooru tag groups to find what you need.

Keep in mind that it's a guideline. It's ok to mix this order, especially inside a category.

1. Composition

  1. Quality

  2. Style (photorealistic, color palette, etc)

  3. Point of view

  4. Light, Time of day (day, night, sunset, …)

2. Subjects

  1. Main subject(s) (boy, girl, animal, object, landscape, …)

3. Actions

  1. Sex acts

  2. Sexual positions

4. Body

  1. Posture

  2. Main features (size, weight, body type, body fat, skin color, …)

  3. Body elements (breast, nipples, ass, …)

  4. Face related (eyes color, hairstyle, …)

  5. Expressions (happy, surprised, serious, determined, …)

  6. Clothes

5. Background

  1. Main environment (indoor, outdoor, …)

  2. Weather (wind, rain, snow, …)

  3. Objects (furnitures, vehicules, …)

Note: I wonder if Weather and Time of day shouldn't go to Composition. I'll think about it.


Here is an example following the structure. I usually put some break lines to have a better look on the main areas of the prompt.

score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, score_6_up,
lineart, warm tones,
portrait, from above,
sidelighting, light particles

1girl, ginger, solo,
hand in own hair, writing, holding pencil,
sitting, heads up,

pale skin, sweat, freckles, small breasts,
ginger hair, long hair, straight hair,
blue eyes, glowing eyes, glasses, looking at viewer,

smile, smirk, light frown,
white tank top,

indoor, library,
sunset, sunny, daylight,
desk, chair,

As you can see, the breaklines don't divide perfectly the 5 fields of the structure. Depending on what you want to generate, it can make more sens to visually separate smaller and longer parts. Here, the subject, actions and posture of the body are grouped together: splitting them would create a mess visually more than anything.


Here are some usecases and favorite keywords. I try to organise by logical group, from the most general to the more specific. I recommand to cherry-pick the one that make sense for you rather than copy-paste the all line.

You'll also find a reference to where I place it in the structure. I'll use an ID with the format [xx.yy], using the acronym of the category and its sub-category.

Keep in mind that some of them could also go higher or lower in the apparition order (e.g. upside down could be placed as [compos.pov] or [body.posture].


Here is what I use in almost all my prompt to influence the overall quality of the image. I usually add additional negative keywords if something that I don't like appear, but not before. Again, I like to keep things short and simple.

Following list cover some classic cases, detailing both positive and negative prompts.

Note: Negative+ is an additional list where I cherry-pick according to the situation. In my experience, negative keywords related to anatomic don't always improve the results, so I just keep them aside in case I need it.