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Nature Powers / Netflix Seasons - Workflow and Details [UPDATED]

Nature Powers / Netflix Seasons - Workflow and Details [UPDATED]

Henrique Celso and I teamed up to push the boundaries, exploring what happens when you mix motion and A.I. Here's the result ;-)

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After posting my video featuring seasons with the Netflix logo, I received numerous requests for workflow details and explanations about the process. Consequently, I decided to employ the same logic and create a new experiment with a close friend.


1 - We began with the idea of transforming some Nike brands into forces/elements of nature. We aimed to test the possibilities of using frame-by-frame animation and motion combined with Animatediff.

2 - Several tests were conducted to arrive at the foundational animations. You can view the base animation used for RTFKT here or Attachments ;-)

3 - A ComfyUI workflow was employed using the QRcode Monster. You can download the simple workflow in Attachments.
If you create something cool with it, please share it with me.

4 - The same process was applied to all four brands, with only prompt changes that made sense for each chosen element.

5 - We compiled all the videos in After Effects and made some final color adjustments for the end result.

6 - All sound effects were sourced from I must mention that this site consistently aids me in finding the sounds I need for my videos.

I hope you enjoy this quick breakdown and it proves helpful in your creative endeavors.