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ENDED - Get Lit & Give Back FAQ

ENDED - Get Lit & Give Back FAQ

This Contest has now ended!

Your questions, answered.


  • How much Buzz is Civitai matching for donation to charity?

    All purchased buzz donated to the Spirit Bank will be matched by Civitai, and our Contest Partners.

  • How will Civitai know how much to match?

    We will cross-reference the Buzz you have purchased with the Buzz you have donated to your team’s Spirit Bank.

  • Can I only donate purchased Buzz to the spirit bank?

    Nope - you can donate both purchased Buzz and earned Buzz, to contribute to your Team's score. Only purchased Buzz will be matched by Civitai, for donation to charity.

  • Why should I donate Buzz to the Spirit Bank?

    The Team with the highest Buzz in their Spirit Bank at the end of the contest (January 1st, 2024), will win an exclusive animated Team badge!


  • When do the Contest Dashboard Stats Refresh?

    The Contest Dashboard ( has a number of stats which update at different times.

    • The Top Donor Leaderboards refresh hourly

    • The Spirit Bank History will update hourly

  • What happens after I've made my daily content post?

    After you've earned your daily light bulbs for your garland, you can continue to earn buzz, like you would any other day, for donation to your Team's Spirit Bank. You should share your posts with your Team members on Discord, so they can react and help you earn more Buzz.

  • Why are there empty garlands everywhere?

    An green garland of festive leaves without any lights adorning it indicates that no resources have been posted since joining a Team. As soon as you have been assigned to a Team and have made your first image/model post, you'll see the first garland decoration!

  • Why do some users have stars instead of bulbs?

    You receive a star when you post a model or an article. This is an upgraded cosmetic to reward your upgraded effort. Stars do not count for extra points. You receive lightbulbs for images.