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Miro - Compare your models!


Miro - Compare your models!


After watching the announcement for the Civitai contest for the christmas fundraiser, I noticed yet again this tool being shown to me called MIRO. While this is a visual tool, and one you can indeed use to map out various things...

I learned that you can just make simple visual boxes (tables) and use them to compare loras and checkpoints.

Everyone will have their own styles, I come from a "I FAILED FLOW CHARTS" background, and so doing this like it's 1990 and you're still in 1st grade, and you're tacking your photo to the wall? Well that helps me a lot!

I mean it also helps YOU the "CONSUMER" and the "PERSON DONATING THE POINTS TO GREEN TEAM BECAUSE WE ARE SUPERIOR" (you didn't read that btw).

What is Miro?

Well Miro's description states:

Miro is an online workspace for innovation that is visually reminiscent to whiteboards we have in meeting rooms.

How can I use it for MY models?

Basically you sign up, you choose what you need, how you need it and go from there. I didn't need anything huge. You get three free boards, with practically unlimited space to work on. I chose to do mine split between SDXL, 1.5 and then loras overall.

It could be a way to DESIGN your models in future, for now I just started using it to compare and show off upcoming content to fans and customers!

So this is a good starting comparison for the loras, in time my thought process is to then branch to a sticky note that names a model it was baked into.

And of course, it will take me the next 10 years to get all of our models put into this thing.

The free version doesn't allow many team editing, so I've only set mine to "view" but I believe you can react.

This is going to be Earthnicity's model, they REALLY ENJOY this sort of style, and while they know it was partially our idea--- (GLORY FOR THE SANTA OVERLORDS COUGHS) they watched us and we put the pics back in their lap on discord, and they just fawned over it. It's a custom blend of lora baking, a holiday model (which Earth will be crediting when we get it uploaded) and some new mixes we're updating.

How to? (Sign Up)

Well the sign up link is here:

To view?

Well, let's see there's three boards and the links are here:



SD 1.5:



No, and yes.

I'll be linking to each board, and it will be up to you to figure out WHICH board this easter egg is on. For EVERY CORRECT answer I see in the comments, I will donate 10 buzz to my team's spirit bank. I'd donate more but i'm only at about 200 after donating 200 last night lol.