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Grid Results for Early SDXL Turbo & LCM Models

Grid Results for Early SDXL Turbo & LCM Models

I had meant to capture these reviews as they came out, but this community never sleeps. As such, I'm just using this article as a collection of links to the same outputs run through different models. This way, you can judge the results of apples-to-apples comparisons for yourself. Each model page already has gobs of examples of things working really well, so I wanted to put something out there that cross-references the same test for each model ... so, here we are.

Remember when LCM was incredibly fast? While some of these models may give you some coherent-but-a-little-blurry content at 4 steps, if they give back reliable images at 5+ steps, they went on the LCM list. A couple of them produce good images reliably at exactly 5 steps, but I had to draw the line, somewhere. So, for the purposes of my lists, Turbo = 4 steps or less. Your mileage may vary, so don't ignore these models. Maybe your magic workflow gets good stuff from them at ~3 steps. Leave a comment about what you did differently and I'll look into it.

Category I: True Turbo Models

This is defined as models that can produce useful output in a single step. So far, there is precisely one model on the list: SDXL Turbo model page. Test Grids.

Category II: Turbo Merged Models

These super-fast models can produce useful content in 3-4 steps. They can be used with the as-you-type turbo rendering workflow with just a little lag on a nice rig, but you can't really use them for a webcam or other truly real-time content filtering. Still, they often support higher resolution and styles that "True Turbo" cannot.

  1. Phoenix (Turbo). Comparison grids here.

  2. PixelWave Turbo. Comparison grids here.

  3. Realities Edge Turbo. Comparison grids here.

  4. Tertium (Turbo). Comparison grids here.

  5. TurboVision XL Alpha. Comparison grids here.

  6. TurboVision XL Beta. Comparison grids here.*

  7. UnsafeXL v3.2. Comparison grids here.

*I'm on the fence, here. I feel like this version is a bit worse at 4 steps, and I'm not sure it should still be on the "Turbo" list. I'm keeping it here because Alpha clearly produces good stuff at 4 steps, and Beta is just ever-so-slightly worse (to my subjective eye). We'll see what they ship next.

Category III: LCM Performance Models

These aren't "bad" models - just not as fast as the ones above.

  1. Blue Pencil Turbo (v1). Comparison grids here.

  2. Blue Pencil Turbo (v2). Comparison grids here.*

  3. Copax TimelessXL Turbo. Comparison grids here.

  4. Delicious. Comparison grids here.

  5. Hephaistos NextGENXL (LCM). Comparison grids here.

  6. LEOSAM HelloWorld Turbo + LCM. Comparison grids here.*

  7. SDXL Turbo Plus - Red Team. Comparison grids here.

  8. TurboMixXl. Comparison grids here.

*This is the other side of the dividing line. These models are okay at 4 steps, but 5 steps are significantly better. It is just a hair worse (to my eye) than the TurboVision XL Beta at 4 steps. If I move the "Turbo Line" to 5 steps, then I have this same issue with other models between 5 and 6. So, it is what it is: An arbitrary and subjective measurement between Fast and Crazy Fast. I almost want to give it to Blue Pencil v2 just for improving the speed so much.

Coming soon:

  1. Unstable Diffusers - YamerMix (Turbo).

  2. Cherry Picker XL (LCM).

  3. OpenXL v1.3 (Turbo).

  4. Jib Mix Turbo XL.