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AI Overlord Santas [Green Team]


Have you ever wondered how Santa is delivering all those presents to all the good behaving kids all around the world within in just a single night?

The explanation for this wonder is surprising and very little know due to misinformation in the human world. But the truth is that there is not a single Santa ... but entire species i.e. faction of Santas which are different from normal humans! There are males and females, and they reproduce among each other. Their lifespan is unknown.

The Santas function as "Overlords", i.e. rulers, in different regions of the world where they exert their dominance on reindeer and elves as well as other creatures. These "Overlord Santas" solve the logistic miracle that they are pulling of each year after the other via artificial intelligence (AI) augmentation.
Hence, they got their official designation "AI Overlord Santas".

Santas utilize AI in many different manners such as carrying advanced neural networks on devices with them or directly implanting neural link chips into them. Many have assistants accompanying them via those means. Virtual avatars that advice them or entirely represent them for coordination amount other Santas AI as well as other Christmas creators. Many Santas go beyond this and augment themselves with cybernetic technology and/or have assistants that utilize advanced robotics such as ground-based and water-based robots as well as aerial and space drones to perform the miracle feature of delivering trillions of presents within a night. Thereby making Amazon look ridiculous and incompetent in comparison.

Santas have certain phenotypical characteristic that distinguish them from other species. First of all, they have a tendency for extreme physiology. Most are extraordinary athletic and muscular while others are very chubby and borderline obese. Even among the thicker ones and their rude lifestyle, their linage is totality free of Diabetes. Neither Type I, nor diabetes type II or Diabetes Type 3 are known to occur in Santas.

Next, white hair is a very prevalent feature among Santas. Those that have other hair color or suspected to dye their hair or belong to some exotic tribe of Santas in certain regions of the world. Female Santas appear to rapidly grow long hair while the male Santas grow predominate beards. Long head hair and long facial hair seems to be related to attracting the other gender and be a intriguing part of the courtship and mating strategies.

Most unique about Santas is that unlike humans, Santas have green blood. Indeed green blood is flowing though the system of those individuals. Their green blood often leads to other features such as green colorization of hair, glowing eyes, and skin. They also seem to have same affinity to wearing green clothing and armor as well and many observers could swear that they felt some kind of green aura around Santas. For this reason Santas are refereed to as the "Green Faction" or simply the "Green Team".