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Civitai Safety Center and the prevention of CSAM

Civitai Safety Center and the prevention of CSAM

At Civitai, safeguarding minors is a cornerstone of our ethical framework and operational policies. We understand the unique vulnerabilities associated with the portrayal of minors in digital media, and we’re deeply committed to fostering a safe, respectful online environment for all ages. To better explain our policies and the actions we take to prevent CSAM and other TOS breaking content we’ve created the Civitai Safety Center.

Strict Policies on Minor’s Likeness:

Civitai adheres to rigorous standards regarding the depiction of minors. We prohibit any portrayal of minors in inappropriate or suggestive contexts as well as and photo-realistic depictions.

Generator Safeguards:

Our generator is meticulously designed to prevent the use of resources that could produce CSAM. Our system exhaustively checks every prompt to ensure CSAM is not being requested. In the event such prompts are detected, the generation request is denied. Additionally, we operate on a zero tolerance policy, efforts to produce CSAM using our generator will result in the immediate termination of a users account.

Bounty System and Minors:

Our Bounty system is popular for allowing users to request their favorite art styles or characters and we strictly regulate submissions related to minors. Any bounty request that involves the creation of a minor’s likeness is carefully scrutinized and subject to our stringent content policies depicting minors. Public availability of such bounties is controlled and monitored, ensuring compliance with our ethical standards.

Focus on Community Management:

A significant portion of our team is dedicated to community management and moderation, reflecting our commitment to protecting minors. This robust approach ensures that our platform remains a safe space, free from exploitation or inappropriate content involving minors.

Encouraging Reporting of Violations:

We actively encourage our community members to report any content that may violate our terms, especially concerning minors. This vigilance is crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of our platform.

Nurturing a Responsible Community:

As Civitai evolves alongside advancements in technology and user base growth, we view ourselves as stewards of ethical AI use. We recognize the immense potential of AI but are equally aware of the responsibilities that come with it. Our goal is to lead by example, demonstrating how AI can be used responsibly, especially in contexts involving minors.

At Civitai, we’re not just building a platform; we’re cultivating a community grounded in respect, inclusivity, and responsibility. We believe that by maintaining high ethical standards, especially regarding minors, we can ensure that AI technology is used to enhance creativity and learning in a safe and nurturing environment. For further clarification on our content policies we recommend visiting our safety center.