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Perfect hands and bodies, 2nd attempt

Dec 6, 2023
generation guide
Perfect hands and bodies, 2nd attempt

well, after that last article that went totally wrong in time, font, color and everything else and i can't even delete it, let me try this again since i have a bit more time and quiet right now:

most of you, which know my last articles, know already that i am constantly on the search for an easier way to generate images without the use of those shitty embeddings that crawl around here on civitai and whose only purpose is to generate shitty images.

and here is the third "collection" of prompts for you that generate characters with everything a standard human body has/needs.

it fails only in 1 of 20 images. tested on multiple batches with different resolutions. even resolutions that normally would end up in extreme horror.

even "lively overexcited having fun" as a positive prompt is no problem anymore, BUT this prompt still generates missing fingers, but you will see hands that should look like hands.

and now, let's end that tl;dr.

put these, like always, in negative:

physical-defects:2, unhealthy-deformed-joints:2, unhealthy-hands:2

until next time when i have more crazy ideas with prompts....