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Mistletoe Mercenaries [Yellow Team]

Mistletoe Mercenaries [Yellow Team]

Mistletoe Mercenaries

The Mistletoe Mercenaries are a notorious band of mercenaries known for their expertise in covert operations, particularly during the holiday season. Founded by a group of rogue soldiers discharged from military service, this faction prides itself on its ability to carry out daring missions with precision and efficiency. They are often hired by wealthy clients seeking to complete high-stakes tasks, such as stealing rare artifacts or executing sensitive assignments that require discretion. Their nickname "Mistletoe Mercenaries" comes from their customary use of mistletoe berries during their missions, which serve as both a good luck charm and a symbol of their commitment to keeping holiday spirit alive in the midst of chaos. Despite their reputation for ruthlessness, the Mistletoe Mercenaries are also known for their exceptional loyalty to their clients and each other, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with in any situation.

The Mistletoe Mercenaries' team color is yellow/golden. It is interpreted as symbolizing their connection to winter holidays such as Christmas or Hanukkah. The use of mistletoe berries during their missions represents their commitment to maintaining holiday cheer while completing high-stakes tasks for clients seeking discretion. Yellow is associated with winter weather and the golden color can represent wealth, prestige, and the value that the Mercenaries' clients place on their services. However, it should be emphasized that little is known about actual truth around the Mistletoe Mercenaries as they are very secretive and extremely professional. Most of the known facts of the Mistletoe Mercenaries are based on pure speculation.