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Regarding political and protest responses on our models

Regarding political and protest responses on our models


As of 9 December as much as we'd love to keep making waves and be "THAT BRAT PUSHING AN AGENDA" - we aren't here to cause stress. Civitai has been known to be the safe town square for both sides.

If i'm to be a representative of Earth & Dusk as a co-owner, protest is fine for most social media, but here is starting to bleed into "Nope, this is too much". So we, likely both earthnicity and I are going to pull back on protest style images from our models.

This won't include "FIGHT FOR OSEA" pictures, as largely nobody's going to understand what those are for, but if those start causing an issue, well we'll pull those too.

What caused the change?

As of Dec 9th (NZ time) - i've been seeing RIGHTLY SO, very many protest pics from both sides, and that's VALID as hell - Even if I PERSONALLY DO NOT AGREE, y'know what? That's amazing. BUT, it's not the pictures, ti's nto even the amount of buzz y'all were giving me on MY protest pics.

It was the desperate fight or flight attack responses to either my pictures or others. Civitai is meant to be a safe space for everyone (for the most part lol). So if you respectfully stand by israel, i'm not within reason going to say much - because if you're being respectful and you're just posting your views via an image? As long as the image is safe, and within ToS? Fair beans.

Is it against ToS for war protest pics?

Not as far as I know, and there's NOTHING STOPPING you from still using Dauntless XL the way you see fit.

The problem isn't the images.

The problem is the comment storm that comes from it.

Preferential Request

As of December 8th US time/ December 9th US time, it would be absolutley wonderful if BOTH Sides could stop posting protest pics. I have removed both the palestine protest pic AND any LGBTQIA pride pics from Dauntless XL. Right now this is a month of working towards a common goal, not an anti-goal.

This also means I will be checking reviews and comments to see what needs to be reported and / or hidden from public view.

As much as we appreciate the passion people have brought, safety and security is better on this website than waking up feeling like you're being hunted for sport - and while tha'ts not what we feel, some people MAY indeed feel that way.

But i've already reviewed!

If you've already reviewed, and are able to EDIT the pictures on your review, please if possible replace them with christmas themed pics. If you don't culturally celebrate christmas, please use holiday pics from your culture.

Right now, is not the time nor maybe ever on this site for good reason to push too many buttons.

The mods have enough hard work to do.

What about future models?

There is a chance that PRIDE related models may come back, none of them are hidden or deleted but in respect to the christmas event going on and the media sniffing around, the less buttons pushed apart from silly memes the better.

I cannot, however say that earthnicity WONT or WILL publish things - I'm only half of Earth and Dusk, and sometimes they're louder than I am.