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"Blocked by Provider" what does that mean?

"Blocked by Provider" what does that mean?

Update 12/15/2023: Images that would previously have returned a "blocked by Provider" Now work for all SD1.5 and SDXL LoRA's and the following checkpoints:


SD 1.5

We're continuing to add more resources to this list and scale up with new inference partners.

12/9/2023: Two new GPU providers have been added to the network, unfortunately we still haven't gotten them working yet. In the mean time Generation has been reenabled, but NSFW does not work yet. Appreciate your patience while we continue to work on the issue.

Update 12/8/2023: We have found a new potential inference partner, NSFW generation could be back as soon as tomorrow!

We apologize for the inconvenience; we were given zero notice before this change went live.

Today, our inference partner, implemented a new image filter on all generations coming from their service. If your generation request is returning a "Blocked by Provider" error its because their filter has detected potentially NSFW content and blocked your Image.