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5 perfect fingers.... means perfect hands

5 perfect fingers.... means perfect hands


Put it in negative without any embedding and other prompts. Had this idea after testing some loras that still gave me headaches even with those prompts from my last article. This prompt "forces" SD and SDXL to generate 5 fingers in a most perfect way. Most perfect? Yes. I got 99% perfect hands in SD, but SDXL had its hiccups with this prompt and always "cut off" one half finger.

Tested in quiet poses and "overexcited lively having fun". In SD it works perfect, but SDXL sometimes generated some "octopus-fingers".

UPDATE: was testing this on some new loras that were uploaded the last few days and found out that


has a higher effect on many loras that are trained on just a few images or always the same image. Helpful if you want to keep original style of the character without lowering the weight.