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Box | style compilation — Numerical Order.

Box | style compilation — Numerical Order.

Hello welcome!

Here I leave a small introduction of the group:

Here I will put most of my styles in numerical order. Mainly because it makes it easier for me to know what styles I need to publish and I like to keep them pending.

SFW | Normal Style:

As their name says, they are styles that are not trained with 100% NSFW data but they still work for those purposes. I am quite fickle when training my loras.

☑Anthology | Dragon Ball Style:

After browsing through Dragon Ball (the tag) I saw so many artists who haven't uploaded anything in years and they are great, I also liked a lot of individual images and thought about creating a mix section but in the end I'll put it all here...

☑Anthology | Houshou Marine MV Style:

This is a small compilation of some tests based on the screenshots to generate a style.

☑NSFW | Hentai Style:

Well. It's just hentai, furry, sex and stuff like that...

☑NSFW | Furry Style:

This is a mini section for furries, there really won't be that many because I prefer the normal girls ones but hey...

☑NSFW | Trap Style:

They are Traps, soldiers, don't be fooled, they are armed!