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ENDED - Holiday Event: Week 3 Challenge

Jan 18, 2024
ENDED - Holiday Event: Week 3 Challenge

This Contest has now ended!

❄️Greetings Civitans!❄️

The results of the Week 2 Holiday Challenge are below:

1st Red Team - 100k⚡
2nd Green Team - 75k⚡
3rd Blue Team - 50k⚡
4th Yellow Team - 25k⚡

1st Red Team - 50k⚡
2nd Green Team - 40k⚡
3rd Blue Team - 30k⚡
4th Yellow Team - 20k⚡

Each week of the Holiday Event we'll be doing both an Image and Resource Challenge with different themes! Event participants win extra buzz for their team Spirit Bank and some secret goodies to be revealed later (I.E. we're still figuring that part out)

Teams with the most accepted entries get the following Buzz additions to their Spirit Bank

1st - 100k⚡
2nd - 75k⚡
3rd - 50k⚡
4th - 25k⚡

1st - 50k⚡
2nd - 40k⚡
3rd - 30k⚡
4th - 20k⚡

This week's Image Challenge:

Create an image showing any emotional reaction to the giving or receiving of a gift.

How to enter:

Simply post your images to the Holiday image collection

1) Follow the Collection by clicking the blue + Follow button, on the Contest collection page;

2) You'll then be able to click the blue plus ( + ) sign, to upload your submissions to the Contest collection.

This week's Resource Challenge:

Create a LoRa or model intended to depict a fantastical, mythical creature. These can be original creations.

Some examples of 'Fantastical/Mythical' creatures:

  1. Phoenix: A mythical bird that is cyclically reborn or regenerated from its own ashes, symbolizing renewal or resurrection.

  2. Griffin: A creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, often seen as a symbol of divine power.

  3. Unicorn: A legendary horse-like creature with a single, spiraled horn on its forehead, often associated with purity and grace.

  4. Mermaid/Merman: Half-human, half-fish beings that inhabit the sea, known from folklore around the world.

  5. Centaur: A creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse, often depicted in ancient mythologies.

  6. Minotaur: A creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull, originating from Greek mythology.

  7. Basilisk: A legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king who can cause death with a single glance.

  8. Chimera: A mythical creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent.

  9. Leviathan: A massive sea monster referenced in various religious texts, often symbolizing chaos and untamed nature.

When submitting your LoRA for a fantasy creature, please draw inspiration from ancient mythology and folklore. Feel free to invent your own original, fantasy-themed creatures, keeping in mind the magical and mythical nature of beings from traditional lore.

The focus of this contest is on fantasy and mythology, rather than science fiction or other non-fantasy related things.

How to enter:

Simple; post your resources to the Holiday Resource collection

1) Follow the Collection by clicking the blue + Follow button, on the Contest collection page;

2) On your resource card, or resource page, click the context menu and hit save:

3) Save the resource to the Week 3 Holiday Resource Collection:


  1. All submitted images and resources must be submitted before the end date of Sunday, December 24th, 2023. Any version of Stable Diffusion images is accepted.

  2. Participants are welcome to submit up to five images AND one resource.

  3. All images and showcase images must be SFW and adhere to our Terms of Service

  4. All images must be created with AI Art and may utilize any resource of Stable Diffusion, we want to see what AI can do! 

  5. Unfair voting manipulation, such as vote purchasing, usage of bot accounts, or other dishonest practices, is strictly prohibited. Participants found engaging in such activities will face immediate disqualification and a permanent ban from the website.

  6. The challenge begins on Dec 18th, 2023, and ends on December 24th, 2023 at 23:59 CST.