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Time To Upgrade (Updated 29/12/23)

Time To Upgrade (Updated 29/12/23)

Hi everyone, time has come for me to upgrade my GPU! ^-^

I was thinking of buying a RTX 4080 or 4090. After careful consideration, I have opted to create an account on Ko-Fi, providing an opportunity for everyone to contribute and assist in acquiring a new GPU, this article has been updated after my suspension on the platform Buy Me A Coffee because they are not big fans of AI and that too me is sad to hear.

Ko-Fi Profile: 🍕

At the moment there is no way for me to have some type of profit from the models I upload here, my models should not be paid to access as I do not believe in paying up for a checkpoints I create.

Unfortunately, the buzz cannot be converted into Euros or US dollars, and I currently lack the capacity to acquire a new GPU on my own, that is the main reason why I ask the community to help me.

If you've ever downloaded one of my models and found it useful/unique/great for your ai generated art, kindly consider assisting me in reaching this goal by making a small Christmas gift (donation).

Every contribution are appreciated. Thank you. ❤️

2024 is almost here and I want to wish everyone happy and peaceful new year and for the students interested in studying and planning the future of AI, I hope the best for you and wish you good luck. :3