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Hi guys, I’m posting my 1.5 workflow, i use SDXL for anime but i like this one better for morphing.

When I first started, we all used to share our settings, then, as it happens in almost everything, people started to stop sharing cuz they felt they worked a lot to get their settings(when they come from other people too) just to give them away, something that I thought too for a time until I met Matt3o (IPAdapter developer) and @inner_reflections_ai and I just got my feet back to the ground, it’s all about sharing, these people (among with other awesome guys) are the real game changers and they are nothing but humble people whiling to see what we all can do with their tools and developments. If they kept the knowledge for themselves there won’t be the results that everybody now is able to achieve. They could kept this developments for themselves and get rich 🤑in no time, but they decided to make the community better, and that is really admirable ❤️🫶🏻.

Next year is going to be wild 🤟🏻🚀

This is a pretty simple workflow, if you have the minimum knowledge you can use it really easily.

if you need more info about nodes and usage, here is a super cool guide made by Inner_Reflections:

Okey, now, here are some basic exmaples:

This is a bot from Mootion tranformed with this WF

NOTE: Use Depth ControlNet if you want to keep coherence with the background.

I put some notes in nodes that you might be lost or not aware of what they do.

If you want to use IPAdapter for morphing or to keep a face you want, remember there are different models for different purposes, use IPA Full Face if you want a face reference and IP adapter.

Remember to play with weights and noise, every video needs some tweaks (some times you are good to go just changing the prompts)

Like in this image, i used IP-adapter-full-face, I know some people wants to know if you can use a face reference and the answer is yes, here is an image example and a video:

I made lots of mistakes in this video but you can see it keeps my face, i only used one Keyframe for face reference. (this was made with my SDXL workflow, but its an example for faces)

This group is the one you want to put attention for morphing and style, pay attention to the model in case you want to use it for face (ipadapter full face) instead of full adapter.

Thanks for the support, and remember, #Sharing is #caring!

If you have any question, feel free to send me a DM: