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Clearly not looking at viewer. A quick way to get to the point.

Mar 9, 2024
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Clearly not looking at viewer. A quick way to get to the point.

A while ago, someone asked me if i know a way that a character is clearly not looking at the viewer. My response was a prompt that can get to this point, but only in 1 of 10 images.

I thought about how to fix that and here is my solution:


put it in negative. and in positive your character will never again directly look at you. and from here on, you can prompt where your character should look at.

sadly "looking-down" or "looking-down-at-feet" or anything else with "looking-down" did not work for me. i got a direct look at viewer again or strangely cut-off bodies.

but "looking-up", "looking-away", "looking-behind" or "looking-to-the-side" work properly.

There are many other looks. These were just the ones that i had in mind while testing.

If you have suggestions on looks, feel free to share them.

See you next time....

EDIT: if you use "likeness" as a prompt, it won't work anymore. sadly....

EDIT2: fun-fact: if you prompt appearances and other things that can draw attention, sometimes those characters will wave at you without looking at you to draw their attention. happened to me mostly on anime-checkpoint and very rarely at realistic checkpoints

UPDATE: had a model that totally refused to look away, because i had to add her eye-color. And this was super annoying.

Here is what i did:

in positive: out-of-attention:2

in negative: viewer's-attention:2, viewer-direction:2, viewer's-look:2

You may think "Why not "looking at viewer" plus weights in negative?"... I tried it, but it didn't work. You can still try to add it on your models. I'm not saying that you don't try your own prompts :D

And "viewer-direction" can be changed to "viewer's-direction". Both ways worked different on some models.

UPDATE: you can have the same effect of looking away if you prompt in positive "getting-ignored". works insanely good, but has 1 negative point:

characters often tried to draw their attention using poses or extrme close-ups but never looked directly at you. it's really funny but can get annoying if you want to get something special.

prompt is working on any checkpoint

Small update for that last prompt: tested this on some character loras and noticed something really funny. If you make batches with more than 5 images, you will instantly notice that those characters get depressed or nearly start crying if they get ignored for too long.

UPDATE: "silhouette" has a very similar effect, but you have to be a bit more specific on some checkpoints. anything that can describe your character or location can be helpful if you don't just want a black silhouette.

UPDATE: if you prompt "photo-shooting" in negative on realistic checkpoints, you get the same effect. those characters keep ignoring you on purpose, but sometimes, if they look or even stare at you, they can give you a very disgusted look. happened many times on batches.

UPDATE; "getting-completely-ignored" makes those characters go INSANE! they ignore you and throw sometimes stuff at you! and if you prompt "naked" they... find that one out by yourself :D

(small EDIT: fixed a typo on "photo-shooting" that i didn't see at first)

UPDATE: want a super hardcore version of "clearly not looking at viewer"? prompt


but keep quiet while laughing xD

UPDATE: "in-the-middle-of-rural-countryside" (rural-countryside only for example. replace it with any other location) has a very similar effect, but it depends on luck which location you prompt. "countryside" got me more than 90% success, while "inner-city" had way too many close-ups and looking-at-viewer-images. you should choose a location that can generate a "depth of field" for it to work.

UPDATE: "lost-in-thoughts" or "lost-in-thoughts-and-places"

they won't even notice you. only very rarely they will look at you, but most of the time when it happens it has this "oh, i didn't notice you" look and feel.