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Tool Resource Day 2: Supermerger, Embed Merge & Lora Testing (Video Tutorial)

Merry christmas, we'll be unable to release more stuff until at least boxing day LOL - i got hellspawn fam coming tomorrow. (Love ya fam, but you're nuts <3)

This is for those that missed it, yes it's six hours long - but feel free to just watch what suits - largely most of the music from a certain time onwards is "ROYALTY FREE" -- just that we panicked a bit in the first hour, "ANIME LOFI" screams "ARE WE GONNA GET DMCA'ED" in our mind when we get to upping it to youtube.

Content this time also shows you roughly HOW we start up our stuff, what extensions we usually use. WE ARE still working on the comfyUI one, but removing voices (unless the two vocal participants don't mind.) - and then will have that one up. That wasn't a tutorial video though, that was us learning comfy.

All sponsored links are on the video, we'll probably add them back onto the article in the next couple days.

We Are NOT likely to be back on twitch for a week or two (probably AFTER the new year) - we'll also be likely returnign to doing SOME gaming, as FFXIV has some interesting hilarious things we keep forgeting exist -- and y'all keep asking for character loras in FFXIV and finding data on Cid is like pulling teeth.