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Dashes and why i use them

Dec 24, 2023
generation guide
Dashes and why i use them

Since this topic made many of you curious, i decided to write an article about it to answer that question.

Months ago i was just curious about prompts. I was bored and searched for something on google that could change results in quality on images. And it was that one prompt that i found that started my journey for prompts:


You can google this prompt and you will find it exactly the way i typed it here. It drastically changes quality on your images. And, as you can see, there is a dash in it.

At first, i didn't even know that this dash makes a huge difference, but after some time, after i published that prompt here on civit and saw that some people used it on their images, i saw something that didn't go as planned. Many times they forgot that dash in "picture-perfect".

This was the beginning of my journey. I tested it with and without that dash many times and realized that this dash can act like a weight.

I got results way faster and ways more exact than without it.

I tested it at first with prompts that have "perfect" in it. "pixel-perfect" (working prompt!) for example. And even wildly mixed prompts did work insanely well with dashes. Check my uploads on my profile to see some examples of those wild prompts. Won't write them all down here...

To get to the point finally: You may think that this way of prompting is just dumb and no one ever mentioned or tested it before and there is no website that has something similar as a topic or a video on youtube and so on...

And because no one else is using this method, i cannot prove that prompting with dashes really works better than without them. But to be honest, no one before found those prompts for anatomy-fixing and more. There is so much more new to discover on this AI-stuff every day that you simply can't know everything. It's just too overwhelming.

This being said, from here on, it is you who can change that. Feel free to test it and share your experience and/or results.

Would love to see if this way of prompting is really something or not.