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Detail-tweaker this time? No hands, no fingers? WTF! :D

Dec 24, 2023
generation guide
Detail-tweaker this time? No hands, no fingers? WTF! :D

Well, i found a prompt that confuses my checkpoints like crazy, because they simply don't know what i mean (same goes for me xD) with this prompt. But more after the main dish:

"unnoticeable-details" in negative

No weight necessary. Your checkpoint simply doesn't understand the meaning of this prompt and puts details on everything. An overload of details sometimes. Hands get very good details, too, but i would recommend to use an extra prompt for anatomy, because it doesn't work on every image.

SDXL seems to totally refuse to even read it. No really visible difference on any checkpoint.

UPDATE: put these in negative too if you want: unnoticable-differences, unnoticeable-changes

This will make your checkpoint literally cry and generate everything nearly perfect, BUT you will see that "WHAT?!?" face many times the first time. I had only bad hands in 2 of 10 images. In one of those images, that girl even had a very teary look like she would start crying every second. That's why i wrote "literally cry".

Those two prompts are not on the serious side. They were just tested to see what would happen. They are not meant to generate perfect images....