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Face Swap (mtb) (windows)


how to activate the sleeping face swap node from mtb:

(tested with a fresh version of comfyui)

download this file (found on the reactor git hub page)


  • move the downloaded file to your comfyui folder where the run_nvidia_gpu.bat is located.

  • navigate to your comfyui directory where the run_nvidia_gpu.bat is located.

  • python_embeded should be in this folder too if you dont have the nvida.bat for some reason.

  • start a command prompt from this directory e.g. type cmd in the windows explorer navigation bar and press enter.

  • select and copy the next line, paste it into the comand prompt window (a right click with the mouse in the prompt window inserts the text) and press enter:

  • python_embeded\python.exe -m pip install insightface-0.7.3-cp311-cp311-win_amd64.whl

in comfyui:

in the section "Install Models" of comfy:

  • search for inswapper and install one or both of the models Inswapper-fp16 (face swap)

  • stop the server (strg + c in the command prompt window) and restart it.

so far i haven't found out how to activate the restore face node, in my regular comfy version it is there, probably some node i had installed, installed the required dependencies but i don't know which one it was. ill update this if i know ;)

in the meantime: