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That "ultimate" prompt.... For now

Dec 25, 2023
generation guide
That "ultimate" prompt.... For now

This prompt did i test for months and it is based on ALL my findings. And in this article here, i will share those findings that can help you for your first time with this prompt. I have negative and positive prompts for you. Here's that prompt:


But let me explain something first:

Sadly, my checkpoints are "overtrained" because of that prompt. The moment i use that prompt, i get instantly best hands and everything else i prompted it together with "snapshot". It has become a main trigger on my checkpoints. That's why i didn't use it anymore, but still decided to share what i found with the help of it. And now let's get back to the start of this journey:

The most important counter-prompt for snapshot comes first: "photography-in-sight". Put it in negative. If not, you will get only images where those characters are taking pictures. Happened to me a lot. And that's why i said my checkpoints are overtrained, because i don't need that prompt anymore.

"snapshot" alone gave me wonderful hands right from the start, but only with quiet poses.

After some quick thinking, i just added "staged" at the beginng. "staged-snapshot" resulted in way better images and hands BUT because that was not what i wanted, i gave my checkpoints a hard time with horror-images. That was the time when i put together "overexcited-lively-having-fun" and even "staged" images had not even 1 perfect finger with just those 2 prompts in them. I did what everyone does to limit bad hands. And here is that "collection" that resulted in wonderful hands and bodies:

(((unrealistic-behaviors, unrealistic-growth-forms, unrealistic-body-functions, unrealistic-postures, unrealistic-types-of-movement, unrealistic-shapes)))

(civit has some hiccups again and changed that color to grey... sigh)

I reduced the number of those negative prompts over the time and now the only working "multi-negative-prompt" for "snapshot" is "unrealistic-shapes".

And because a snapshot is not a snapshot if "painted", i added "lifelike-realistic" to get far better images and nice shapes. But because i always want more, i created "the best prompt" you can have to get the best out of your images: "the-best-of-the-best-of-everything"

It generated, as the name suggests, everything in "best", but because this is way too much cheating, i banned this prompt.

Well, and now i am back to the present...

Feel free to test them together or alone.

Until next time....(that was way too much text for today....)

UPDATE: because i ignored this prompt for a really long time now, i never even thought about, using other methods with it. I just thought about what you would do in reallife with unwanted photos. You delete them. And so i made a new negative prompt that gave me very good results only for "snapshot":


No other negative-prompt and no weight is used. It gave me awesome results with my "lively"-prompt. It seems that "snapshot" will stay my companion now for a long time, because i only need 1 negative- and 1 positive-prompt.