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Big Announcement

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported me on buy me a coffee in the past week since I launched the account there, 50% of the goal has already been reached and I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given!

In the future some of my models will first be released on buy me a coffee for all my supporters to download to try and test, also some images will only be visible for supporters, those images will never be uploaded on any other platform.

You can start supporting me and get access to exclusive posts here:

I still need to figure out a way to upload my files somewhere for only the supporters to download, if any of you guys have suggestions feel free to comment them down below.
If you join now you will be able to see some exclusive posts no one else has seen before!
A lot more will come in the future, just wait and see!

Christmas has arrived

and as a way to say thank you to all the supports these are all the great people that contributed to my goal of having a better GPU to work with!
(order of donation, from newest to oldest)

  1. Nems

  2. jiwenji1

  3. Ita77

  4. Scipio (A special thank you for donating over 600 euros)

  5. riiajarvenpaa

  6. ciccio72522

  7. Rufus the Ruse

  8. Pampelmusi

All the users listed above are great and I respect them all for the gift they made me this Christmas!

The prompt: portrait of Cthulhu wearing christmas decoration and a santa hat, Cthulhu wearing santa costume, photography, detailed skin, insane smile, intricate complexity, surreal horror, inverted neon rainbow drip paint, trending on art station, photoreal, 8k, octane render by greg rutkowski, photorealistic, (horror:1.1)
Model used: Perfect Design V5 Special Gift