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Request Form (Closed for right now)

Request Form (Closed for right now)

I have hit 300+ total requests. I have not even started doing the requests yet as I have been remaking my SD1.5 stuff so I'm going to shut down submissions for right now. I will keep the links and stuff on this form but submissions will be closed. If you have a request, please wait till the form is back open.



My request form is back but a little different. Please read through the form and correctly answer each question for your request to be fulfilled.


Just wanted to make a quick update, I currently have 200+ requests. Please note that I am currently in the process of moving most of my models to PonySDXL so getting to the requests will take a while.


I've made a decision regarding the SD options. After some reflection, I've opted to move forward primarily with Pony SDXL, at least for the time being. This means I've removed the option to choose between SD 1.5 and Pony SDXL.

Upon reflection, I've realized that I simply don't have enough time to develop both versions effectively. Moreover, I find myself enjoying working with Pony SDXL much more than SD 1.5. While I understand that this decision may pose challenges for some who may not have the necessary tools for SDXL, I believe it will ultimately yield better results based on the current progress I'm observing.


I have now added a question for what version of Stable Diffusion you want. The two options are now SD 1.5 and Pony SDXL. If you Choose Pony SDXL I will be only making a Pony SDXL version. If you choose SD 1.5, I will be making a SD 1.5 and a Pony SDXL. If you have no interest in using SD 1.5, please don't choose it as it will save me time. Thx! (Hope that's not confusing)


I appreciate the numerous submissions received thus far. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to submit their entries; some of them have indeed caught my interest. Now, for the update section: I've noticed that some individuals have encountered difficulties accessing the form or locating the link within the article. Recognizing that everyone has varying levels of computer literacy, I've addressed this concern by adding two arrows to explicitly point out the form link. This should assist those who may not be familiar with anchor text or hyperlinks. Additionally, I'll be posting this information on the bounty board on Discord.

On a less favorable note, I must emphasize that requests involving the creation of children, real individuals, or anything that violates Civitai's Terms of Service are not acceptable. This information is clearly outlined in the rules. A word of caution: refrain from spamming messages on any social media platform, urging me to prioritize your model. Individuals engaging in such behavior have been blocked, and their requests have been deleted. Feel free to express your disappointment elsewhere 🤡.

For those patiently awaiting their turn, I extend my gratitude. Your patience is valued as I continue to refine my original models, and I thank you for entrusting me with your requests.

Much Love