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That one challenge goes on.... Anatomy and seriousness

Dec 28, 2023
generation guide
That one challenge goes on.... Anatomy and seriousness

Why seriousness? Try to prompt something in positive about "human" that does not piss off your checkpoint.

I was searching for this prompt that could generate a perfect body in positive prompt without getting something seriously dumb-looking. The moment you look at it, most of you will have that Marty McFly meme in mind:


Keep your negative prompts empty for testing. Sadly for it, for you it will be trial-and-error when it comes to weights. Some checkpoints did only accept numeric weights while others only accepted one single bracket. Mostly, my checkpoints stopped generating colors or other things after i used more than one bracket.

I tested it very successfully on SD, SDXL and SD XL Turbo (Turbo makes no real difference for me, but i was curious).

And another warning: since it has "equalities" in it, every time you use "realistic" in anime-checkpoints or realistic checkpoints in general, you will see many mixed races and skin-tones. This is one thing that isadly can't change. Just put in positive or negative what you prefer.

Sorry, I forgot ONE super important point:

Prompt clothes!!! :D