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And minutes after that last article, he comes back with..... Best details you can get....

Feb 28, 2024
generation guide
And minutes after that last article, he comes back with..... Best details you can get....

Well, this happened only because i accidentially mixed up 2 prompts and after i got that image generated, i looked at my screen with my mouth open and just said to myself "What did happen here?" And then i saw this:


This suddenly gave me such awesome realistic images that i never saw before. And so I made some quick tests and had only trouble with my checkpoint "something". It generated the same super-realistic images,but put in a lot of futuristic stuff to squeeze out more of that UHD-Look. Simplest solution was to add "changing-human:2" in negative and "reallife-lifelike-likenes" in positive. On other anime-based checkpoints, i simply had to dress them up and everything was fine.

And one tip from me that i realized after seconds during my tests: don't use other detail-prompts. It can get very ugly if you use "realistic" for example. I don't know why it happened, but 2 of my 4 anime-checkpoints started to generate freaks with some monstrous faces.

That preview image for this article is purely generated from an anime-checkpoint which never before showed up even one real-looking photo like this......

UPDATE: as i was simply curious, i removed any prompt for anatomy and simply used this one. on any checkpoint, hands and feet get so extremely "over"-detailed that you don't need any prompt for anatomy. even "overexcited-lively-having-fun" is working without any prompt. only my checkpoint "something" had zero luck and generated "something" but no hands.....

Tested some loras to see if it works. 4 loras and only 1 image: Image posted by stapfschuh (

UPDATE 2: i am testing a lot of loras with this prompt and 2 things did i realize pretty fast:

  1. character loras with too less trained images most of the time completely give up. you mainly get to see just a crazy bunch of colors

  2. if you don't use any prompt in negative, your checkpoints try everything to get detailed good hands. i had "viewer's-attention" in negative and in a batch of 10 i got only 2 good images with perfect detailed hands, without it, i got 6-7 of 10. your checkpoints, since there is nothing more that they have to read extra, only concentrate on those positive-prompts. and i get awesome images the whole time

  3. some character loras with children's hands are a pain for every checkpoint. some of those loras, i had to still lower their weights to see some hands. adult hands are not even worth mentiong, because those get detailed all the time....

UPDATE 3: since i was curious, i tried 2 other combinations with "Ultra-HD"

  1. "Ultra-HD-detailed" focuses on character directly and generates the best possible character-graphic that i know until now

  2. "Ultra-HD-realistic" is what the name says.

    If you test both of them together with the one above, i highly recommend to use anime-checkpoints and load a lora. (((Ultra-HD-details, Ultra-HD-detailed, Ultra-HD-realistic)))

    It looks totally awesome, but kills every anime-style completely. And without a lora, you will see the uncensored truth about those 3 prompts.

    All 3 of them work everywhere (SD, SDXL, Apps) the same way.

UPDATE: wanna have "epic" results? prompt

"epic-Ultra-HD-details" and "epic-Ultra-HD-highlights"

my checkpoints went crazy about those details and generated an over-excessive overload of details. you won't see much difference on realistic checkpoints, because they only generated shiny things mostly, but anime checkpoints generated this overload Image posted by stapfschuh (

Forgot something: put "epic"-as-a-word in negative to avoid getting that word get generated on every image somewhere.

UPDATE for "epic": for "epic photogasm" prompt "photo-same" and "upscaled-resolution". working on any checkpoint.

EDIT for the last one: some anime checkpoints, especially xl anime and anime in general, generated photo-frames. put "photo-frame" and "polaroid" or "polaroid-photo" in negative.