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Serious Update

Dec 29, 2023
Serious Update

To explain what recently happened here is a short Q&A:

Q) What happened?

A) I recently opened an account on Buy Me A Coffee, unfortunately I made a mistake by not reading the guidelines and got suspended, the site didn't make any error, I made an honest mistake and met the consequences of it, I hope this won't happen again in the future.

Q) Did donators get a refund?

A) All the donations will be refunded in the next 30 days, everyone who has donated has been informed via email about this already, even if I didn't get any type of monetary compensation this is proof that this community is fantastic.

Q) What is the future of donations?

A) All the donations gave me hope and determination to work more on creating and sharing, unfortunately I have to move to another platform to accept donations, if you enjoyed one of my models please consider donating here:
Ko-fi gives me the opportunity to accept donations, currently I don't feel like giving the opportunity to buy memberships to access private content but eventually I will start to upload content accessible only to supporters that have a membership.

This section is dedicated to those who have already donated or plan to do so, by contributing to my goal you give me the opportunity to create better content, images and checkpoints, what was shown to me in the past few days is the strength a community has, the power to help someone without asking anything back, something that I really value and appreciate, thank you.

As of now, there is no direct method on Civitai for user donations. Therefore I must resort to platforms like Ko-fi to facilitate the donation process.