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Characters and places

Did you know that you don't need to add special clothes to your character?

If you know which places your character can go, your checkpoint will instantly let them wear correct clothes. For example "school-interior" or "classroom-interior" get school-uniforms, "home-interior" mostly are every day clothes (sometimes, they wear only underwear. be careful with that), "office-interior" office-clothes and so on....

And for cases when you want some places outside, prompt "visit".

For example "shrine-visit", you get special clothes like kimono or dresses mostly, or if you wanna go shopping, prompt "supermarket-visit. You will get everyday clothes or sometimes everyday clothes plus apron.

There are thousands of other places for a "visit". This article would become tl;dr if i would write everyone of them down. You can explore other places on your own. Just be creative. :D

That being said... Until next time

UPDATE: prompting different countries generates different outfits. and that extra-specific prompt generates very detailed interiors or places. there is no need anymore for other things to set in detail.

UPDATE: "bathtub-interior"... no need to add the usual prompts like "partially-submerged" or something else. every checkpoint knew what to do and how it should look like. sadly, you have to prompt like a maniac in negative on anime-checkpoints. resolutions up to 1280x1024 did work very well