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A way of prompting to get results exactly like you want them

Dec 29, 2023
generation guide
A way of prompting to get results exactly like you want them

This is also one thing that is on my todo-list that i wanted to show you.

For this, i chose "JooDee" since she is already hypnotized and following orders. Everything you will read now has been uploaded here.

Since i have never seen anyone doing this, let me explain a way to get the exact result like you want it. For every prompt, i had only 1 image. No cherry picking or so....

  1. if you use prompts to get more details, like realistic or that one from my last article, you will notice that only backgrounds have better details. Why? You did not directly explain what should get more detailed. JooDee's trigger is "JooDee" and now lets do this (i will use that prompt from my last article as an example): (((Ultra-HD-detailed-joodee))) ...Not much will happen, since colors will stay flat (but those breasts get suddenly a lot of attention xD). Just set the weight to .8 and you will see a difference

  2. JooDee will be a "cutesie", also let's prompt her "cutesie-joodee" (no weight necessary)

  3. JooDee will be a cutesie little child, let's prompt her "petite-little-child-cutesie-joodee" (also no weight)

  4. for a child, JooDee has waaaay too much showing up on her chest, she will be a real little child, so let's prompt her "flat-petite-little-child-cutesie-joodee" (no weight)

  5. JooDee will be shown in full beauty, so let's prompt her "naked-joodee"

  6. and at least, JooDee had enough of it all and took revenge as a zombie ... "zombie-joodee" (no weight)

Now let's come to the point. As you can see on those images, i did not lower, with the excepection of that one for detail, any weight. Normally, you have to lower weights to change something on those characters, but not with this method. And, for example aging down, many people would use age sliders or simply prompt "child" as an extra. But most of the time, checkpoints switch back to normal sizes but not with this method.

Now let's not just concentrate on JooDee, there is even more. But let's shorten this a bit:

  1. 1girl, 1boy and anything you add to your images can be prompted the same way like JooDee

  2. backgrounds, surroundings (be careful with that, sometimes main characters get mixed in), water, bla bla bla.. Everything you see on an image or can think of can be prompted that way

  3. Never use numeric weights. Experience. Checkpoints mostly switch, on purpose, back to super-ugly flat colors as a warning. Use brackets.

  4. You can't change genders this way! Male to female works, but not the other way around. Tested this for fun. Not serious (just saying)

That's all. If i have forgotten something to mention, i will update this article.

Until next time...

EDIT: had a wrong link to those images and didn't notice it...