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"Discreet" ways to get results on images...

"Discreet" ways to get results on images...

This one was fun in so many ways and took me days to find combinations. But let's start...

Like the title says. I tested those prompts on both SD-versions. If there are differences, i will say so.

First positive prompts:

  1. (discreet) you will instantly get better hands. Working only in SD and only non-realistic checkpoints.

  2. (discreet-person) your character will totally ignore you! not even prompting eye-colors or other prompts that force the character to look at you don't work anymore. working on loras too.

  3. (discreet-features) well, small breasts, lame make-up and more. like a spy....

  4. (discreet-characteristics) put everything in lame-mode

  5. (discreet-details) very detailed clothes and characters, but still everything in lame-mode

  6. (discreet-hands) DON'T USE!! mutations of the finest. wanted to mention this prompt in case someone will ask.

  7. in the end, you can put maaaaaaaany more things in (discreet), but everything will be resulting in lame-mode

And now, let's do that "negative" one, because a real negative prompt doesn't work on both words.

  1. (indiscreet) well, results are different. sometimes erotic, sometimes seductive, sometimes sex-poses. even everything basically 16+

i will stop here, because everything you put in (indiscreet) results in the same 16+.

Don't prompt (discreet) in positive and (indiscreet) in negative together. Results will look like this: "Spiderman, Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can" xD