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Upscaling Settings by Tiled Diffusion and ControlNet (Tiled Diffusionによるアップスケールの設定)


Some of images uploaded as samples are upscaled by "Tiled Diffusion" and "ControlNet" on Automatic1111 webui. The following is the settings used in the samples, just for your reference.

サンプルとしてアップロートしている画像の幾つかはAutomatic1111 webui で"Tiled Diffusion"と"ControlNet"を使ってアップスケールしています。参考までに、下記がサンプルに使っている設定になります。

Install the following extensions and models, and use I2I (Img2Img) with the settings witten later.


Necessary extensions and models.

Tiled Diffusion & VAE (install as an extension of webui)

sd-webui-controlnet (install as an extension of webui)

control_v11fe_sd15_tile_fp16.pth (put the file on extensions\sd-webui-controlnet\models)

4x_fatal_Anime_500000_G.pth (put the file on models\ESRGAN)

Setting on I2I

Only differences from the default setting


Sampling method : Euler a
Denoising strength : 0.6

[Tiled Diffusion]

Enable Tiled Diffusion : Checked
Method : Mixture of Diffusers
Latent tile overlap : 8
Upscaler : 4x_fatal_Anime_500000_G

Enable Noise Inversion : Checked
Inversion Steps : 30
Renoise strength : 0

[Tiled VAE]

Enable Tiled VAE : Checked


Enable : Checked
Preprocessor : tile_resample
Model : control_v11fe_sd15_tile_fp16
Down Sampling rate : 2