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Westernize them all!

Westernize them all!

One day left!

You can win the prize!!!

Let's challenge your creativity to turn anime characters into compelling Western-style characters. How? Let's use your LoRAs and TIs of Japanese anime characters within my checkpoint Sexy Toon Cartoon in combination with any of my LoRAs and turn them into Comic or cartoon western character.



  • Respect the TOS of CivitAI.

  • The content can be mature but not necessarily pornographic, unless the character is originally hentai. If the original character is never introduced to sexual situations, don't force them. We want the character to be as coherent as possible with the universe to which it belongs.

  • Mandatory use my checkpoint, publish and rate my models used.

  • Maximum 5 entries per participant.

  • The most creative image in my opinion will be the winner of 5000 Buzz.