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How to get true detailed definition feeling on SD1.5?(nearly 2.1768 & SDXL feeling)

How to get true detailed definition feeling on SD1.5?(nearly 2.1768 & SDXL feeling)

High Pixelize for any model merging

--Under Constructions---

If could not solves rough, broken, on normal merges then solves with high pixelated merge for endure generation of low resolutions by highPixelar(possible not publish yet).

Peseudo Resolution: high resolution between to low resolution aliasing affected on merges... because only SD model is absolutely fixed 512 res on merge when as difference from time of image generation.

[Example of normal merge result]

[Example of "High Pixelated" merge result]

Strength: 0.1 (Use Dim 512 Original LoRA, HighPixelar2D)



High Pixelize for Image Generation

True Resolution: can be available fully true resolution effect on image generaton.

[Example of normal generation image result]

[Example of "High Pixelated" generation image result]

Strength: 0.7 (to weaken alpha with sd_scripts --ratios 0.25 LoRA)


SD1.5Model:Realametta v2012 rev 10: (not publish yet)

To prevent plagiarism through reservation in advance.

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