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How do you like them Apples [Special 100 club members - Beyond Basic Prompts]

How do you like them Apples [Special 100 club members - Beyond Basic Prompts]

This article is a special thank you to all the people that have joined the Beyond Basic Prompts club

beyond the basic membership.

Some people are familiar with prompt editing or prompt scheduling (read more about it here) but I haven't seen anyone on CivitAi doing "LORA transitioning" or LORA scheduling if you want, so I've decided to have a go at this myself, below you'll find the results of this experiment.

Here's a cheeky preview of what we're making

(this article and all apple posts are dedicated to Daz who really likes apples, if you do decide to follow this technique and make your own apples he would really appreciate it if you could tag him in your CivitAi submissions with @DazMakeArt )

The basics

If you're unfamiliar with prompt editing, basically what it allows you to do is as you're generating the image switch from one thing to another. Let's look at an example of an image that is generated across 30 steps:

a mouse riding [a horse : a fluffy cat : 6]

(the formula in this example is [ FROM : TO : WHEN ])

What this translates to basically is:

From step 1 to 6 generate a mouse riding a horse

From step 7 to 30 generate a mouse riding a fluffy cat

Here's an image that uses this trick

(you can also check out my profile page, I use this a lot in my images)

The magic LORA transition

Now that you hopefully understand how prompt editing works (read more here) let's see how we can make use of the same trick but instead of changing text we'll be swapping LORAs.

So let's start with an apple covered in scales (SDXL Scales LORA here - spoilers, made by me)

an apple covered in scales <lora:dvrscls:0.8> drvscls

What a lovely pattern, what about an apple made of cubes ? (3d Cubes style here)

an apple <lora:ral-3dcubes-sdxl:0.8> ral-3dcubes

Now what if we wanted an apple covered in strawberry scales but have the scales in the shape of cubes ?

Let's mix these 2 LORAs together

an apple covered in strawberry scales [<lora:dvrscls:0.8> drvscls : <lora:ral-3dcubes-sdxl:0.8> ral-3dcubes : 12 ]

Isn't that a super cool effect ?

We're letting the Scales LORA render the strawberry scales pattern for 12/40 steps (feel free to experiment with the number) and then we let the cubes lora take over and make the scales more ... cubical ?

Here are more examples using the same technique:

3d cubes to Chrome

an apple made of cubes [<lora:ral-3dcubes:0.8> ral-3dcubes : <lora:ral-chrome:1> ral-chrome : 8 ]

Scales to Copperwire

Scales to Fried Egg

Cubes to Fried Egg

Cubes to Copperwire

Scales to Chrome

I think by now you get the picture.

I hope you'll enjoy using this technique and let me know what kind of amazing things you make. Also let me know if you like this sort of content or if there's something I can do to improve these articles.

They take forever to make as you have to generate all the images, write all the text, link to all the LORAs and articles, etc.

Now go turn noise into masterpieces