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Unity - Create sprites with AI and use in your games.



Generate enemies for your game.

What do you need (all free software)

Set your prompt and generate your images:

In this case the prompt is :

(policeman :1.4) (chara-sheet:1.4) , colorful , (black background:1.4), <lora:character-sheet:1>


blurry, blurry_image, Lowres, Low_resolution, Low_picture_quality, Low_picture_anime, extra_anatomy, extra_body, extra_navel, extra_face, extra_eyes, extra_chest, extra_nipples, extra_hips, extra_arms, extra_hands, extra_fingers, extra_legs, extra_feet, extra_toe, missing_anatomy, missing_body, missing_navel, missing_face, missing_eyes, missing_chest, missing_nipples, missing_hips, missing_arms, missing_hands, missing_fingers, missing_legs, missing_feet, missing_toe, sketch, sketching, (worst quality: 2), (low quality:2), ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), inpainting, HDR, bad_prompt_version2, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, text, error, missing fingers

I set the size to 1024x768 and I run the generation.

You can try and generate all the models you need.

Removing the Background

Now take the image that you want to process and paste to the new windows paint

Press the button to remove the background.

Image adjustments

Now open the image in Krita, we need to draw a little here.

1) Move the hand away from the body (front and retro view)

2) Remove the hand from the lateral view

3) Add a new leg

Here you need to know how to copy and paste some of the parts , use the rubber to remove and adjust the lateral view

Import in Unity

Put the fine in a folder then the sprite options

Sprite Mode : Multiple

Filter Mode : Point

Format RGBA(32 Bit)

Now you have to slice the pieces

Go to menu Slice and clic Slide

For each piece, remember to set the correct name and pivot for position and rotation.

Now go to to the menù and select "Skinning Editor"

Improve the geometry

You can adjust the geometry , in this case I added and moved some vertex to have the hand separated from the body.

Add Bones

Now with the "Create Bones Options you can add Bones" that will let you move the sprite.

To generate automatically which bone move the parts of the sprite, clic on "Auto Weights" and then in generate.

Rotate the bones and check if they move ok, in case you can adjust the weight of each vertex.

Select he Weight brush, then select the bone and clic on the vertex to add influence from that node.

Now add you sprite to the scene and scale accordingly with the size of the other objects.

Now add the "Sprite Skin" component to your sprite

Clic then in "Create Bones"

Your sprite then will have the bones.

Animate in unity

I won't explain all the steps but now you We can create an animation

Now you can create the animation, normally I create an idle animation , walking running jumping.


Here I have some examples , in this case I setup also the leg and the other arm.

Another sprite going up

And going down.

I hope this can help you to generate quickly some good sprites for your game.