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Arms REALLY behind back....


A few days back, someone asked me how to get "arms behind back" without something strange happening. Well, since i have more time at work and less time for this place, i simply thought about how to force a checkpoint to get to the point. And here is my idea that surprisingly worked like a charm at the first try:

"arms-crossed-behind-back" in positive without any weight.

Arms are NOT always crossed! Sometimes, they are behind the back, simply out of sight and, sadly, sometimes, but very rarely, fused with the stomach (tested without any negative prompt to get real results). And also rarely, they are crossed behind the head. But since those are more "positive-negative" results, they aren't really "negative".....

Until next time.....

UPDATE: since i was curious, this prompt doesn't work in SDXL, BUT(!!!) there was a really simple solution for that which worked for both versions. Simply put

(((support))) in negative (remove "arms-crossed-behind-back" in SDXL) and those arms will stay behind the back.

UPDATE: you can read that reason in the comments below. For realistic checkpoints prompt "arms-out-of-reach" in positive.

But to be honest, realistic checkpoints make you insanely aggressive, because they nearly never listen to you. This prompt can become unstable on some realistic checkpoints.