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How to reduce/remove deformities in a "positive" way....

First of all: this one can generate good hands, but only on a few images and i didn't test it on hands, only on anatomy itself.

With this one, i wanted to find a way to tell my checkpoints that "anatomy and limbs" are important. And as you may know, prompting "anatomy" will get you, well, something.... :D

And if you prompt arms or legs, you will mostly get super deformed bodies on purpose.

Now let's get to the point:

(physical-components) in positive without any negative prompt for anatomy and only 1 bracket. Using more brackets didn't change anything, not even on loras. Tested only on "overexcited-lively-having-fun", which, unprompted, generates the creepiest horror.

You have to prompt a location or some clothes, because if not, you will see robots/androids most of the time.

Until next time....