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ENDED - Civitai Failed Generations Contest

Jan 31, 2024
ENDED - Civitai Failed Generations Contest

Introducing the Civitai Failed Generations Contest!

Civitai is launching a new Artist in Residence program: Air.civitai! This will be open for submission in a couple of weeks but for now, we are building out the homepage for this new program.

Get your image featured on the homepage of Air.civitai by submitting your failed generations. We're looking for the images (or videos) that have broken the system, the prompts that should've worked but didn't, and the meticulous combination of resources that could've produced something marvelous, but instead failed spectacularly. We want works that push the limits of what our systems can do by revealing where they fail.

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What we're looking for:

Entries should capture the moment when the system breaks down. We want mistakes, blunders, blow-ups, confusions, chaos, artifacts, anarchy, or simple pandemonium. Pick the prettiest ones, the most grotesque, the shocking (abide by the rules) - comedy is accepted and even encouraged.

Pull from happy accidents, or intentionally induce breakage. Stack as many resources as you can in the on-site generator, rip prompts out of context, use poems or newspaper articles, chopped and screwed. Animate rejection, breathe life into monsters and embrace the chaos. Peel back the bits, show us the edges of the tools we know and love, or build new ones intentionally designed to fail. All bets are off.

Created by stacking a bunch of LoRAs on top of each other in the Civitai Generator. Credit Necrobear

Created by stacking a bunch of image prompts and LoRAs on top of each other. Credit theally

Credit keplers_law

Credit Alienor

Credit iGudeWie

What we’re NOT looking for:

Random waifus, unrelated content, or images that don’t immediately make you think “Oh, that's remarkably insane".

How to enter:

Simply post your images to the Failed Generations image collection

1) Follow the Collection by clicking the blue + Follow button, on the Contest collection page;

2) You'll then be able to click the blue plus ( + ) sign, to upload your submissions to the Contest collection.

What do I win?

  • The immortalization of your image on our Artist in Residence site page.

  • A pretty neat badge for participating: 

  • Love and validation from strangers on the internet! (arguably the greatest prize of all)


  1. All submitted images must be created after the start of the contest date (Jan 12th) and submitted before the end date of Jan 26th, 2024. Any version of Stable Diffusion images is accepted.

  2. Participants are welcome to submit up to five images that represent the theme of 'Failed Generations'. 

  3. All images must be SFW and adhere to our Terms of Service

  4. All images must be created with AI Art and may utilize any resource of Stable Diffusion, we want to see what AI can do! 

  5. 100 images will be chosen by the Civitai Team to be put on the Artist in Residence program homepage. 

  6. Unfair voting manipulation, such as vote purchasing, usage of bot accounts, or other dishonest practices, is strictly prohibited. Participants found engaging in such activities will face immediate disqualification and a permanent ban from the website.

  7. The contest begins on Jan 12th 2024 and ends on Jan 26th 2024 at 23:59 CST.