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Stable Diffusion with automatic A1111 : How to install and run on your Computer


Installation of Stable Diffusion with Automatic A1111.

Component that you need

You need to install some components to accomplish this :

Also is recommended to have an GitHub Account , Hugging face account and civitai account. There are all free.


  • Installing Python (Set the Window Path). You can find many information about this on the internet.

  • Install GIT following the default settings (restart the computer after install).

  • Now you can run GIT CMD,

    It is a windows command prompt.

Now we have to write some commands to install Stable Diffusion.

Select the drive.

Your default drive si C:, you you wanna use this drive stay there if not write the write letter like this Q: and press enter.

In my article I will use the folder Q:\StableDif

Now start to write the instructions (press enter after each instruction)


and press Enter Create the Stable Diffusion folder

mkdir StableDif

and press enter Enter in the folder

cd StableDif

and press enter

Clone the Stable Diffusion code, write this line

git clone

and press enter This will download part of the code,

you will have a new folder Enter in the folder with

cd stable-diffusion-webui

and press enter (Leave this windows open)

(write dir and press enter to check the files in the folder)

Now you are ready to run Stable Diffusion Return to the GIT CMD windows and run the command.


The first time you run it will take long because it will install all the components.


A certain point he will start to download a 3.97GB of file , this is the default SD15 checkpoint from

At the end of the process you will see that Stable Diffusion is running when opens a Browser windows on

Run Stable Diffusion

To run Stable diffusion you have to execute the webui-user.bat file inside


As a suggestion you can create a link on your desktop.

When you run the .bat file you will always have 2 windows, a command windows where you can see the progress , what stable Diffusion is doing and eventually some errors .

On the browser you can use it to generate your images.

Default interface

On top you can select the only checkpoint installed.

Write your prompt positive e negative and clic generate.

Default image size is 512x512 with 20 steps

Adding other checkpoint

Depending on the disk you will have a folder like this:


Inside this folder you can add as many Checkpoint you want, search in for the files.

Add an extensions

The default Stable diffusion is missing a lot of cool features, to improve it we can install some extensions.

Let's start adding the extension that permits to add Checkpoint, lora, embedding ,etc.

Go to Extension, select install from URL, paste the code

and install it.

When you have installed the extension press :

1) Press Installed tab

2) Clic on Apply and Restart UI

Stable Diffusion will restart with the new extension.

How to use the extension

1) Copy the url of a checkpoint from civitai

2) Goto to the "Civitai Shortcut"

Paste the link (example :

and go to download, there clic another time download to download your checkpoint.

You can do the same to download Lora, embeddings, etc.

I hope you enjoy this guide, I will add new article of how to install other cool extension to generate better images, improve faces, details, and generate videos.