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PicX_real - image creation contest /round 3 (finished)

PicX_real - image creation contest /round 3 (finished)

I am announcing round 3 of contests for creating an image using PicX_real.


  • color theme (not just a pink hat or a red car - the whole composition is based mainly on this color, for example: "a girl in a red dress with red lipstick on a background of red wall", the presence of other colors is allowed, but it should be immediately clear that this is a red theme, a green theme, etc.)


  • participation: 15-20.01

  • results: 21.01


  • 1st place (1 award) - 3000 buzz

  • 2st place (2 awards) - 1000 buzz

  • 3st place (3 awards) - 500 buzz

Bounty links:

*since the bounty system does not allow to assign more than one winner, I will transfer the rest buzz directly via tip with a comment about the place

*a deadline is set for a longer period, just so that civitai bugs cannot affect how the contests will be held, the actual dates are written in the description

Winners list.



Finished, the announcement of the new contest will be coming soon.