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Going into "detail". Some kind of cheat for positive prompts


Today i remembered this again, after i forgot my best prompt that i found out months ago.

Normally, if you prompt "perfect-hands" in positive, you will get a freakshow. Everything else about the body has the same effect.

But this way, you use a "counterpart" to get, for example, perfect hands

Put in positive "perfect-hands" and in negative "hands-in-detail:2"

Or "perfect-anatomy" in positive and "anatomy-in-detail:2" in negative.

Same goes for limbs, joints, physique, eyes and so on and so on. Just alyways put in negative


For eyes, for example, you can totally avoid those annyoing close-ups.

Until next time

UPDATE: as i was testing some loras, many checkpoints liked this combo for anatomy without any problems:

(perfect-detailed-physique, perfect-detailed-anatomy) in positive and in negative prompts like above. More weight than just one bracket seems not to be necessary. (well, she is an exception for every single one of my prompts. until now, nothing did work the way it should on her body)