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Close-up that isn't too close...


Many, really many users here on civitai asked me this one question. And that's why i decided to write this article.

There are 3 ways to get to that point:

"in-full-view", "main-focus" or "main-attention"

That last one is a bit tricky as it generates NSFW sometimes and i couldn't figure out why. Put NSFW in negative to avoid it.

Until next time.....

UPDATE: "at-a-distance" works perfect, too. even if you prompt something special like eye-color or freckles you won't get a close-up

UPDATE: something that crossed my mind at work: why not just adding "too-close" in negative?

UPDATE: "in-position" has the same effect. even with prompted eye colors you won't get a close-up

UPDATE:"full-size" also has the same effect even with prompted eye-colors or anything special

UPDATE: "in-scene", but it seems to only work on realistic checkpoints. had way too less correct results on non-realistic ones.